10 Best Cats With Big Ears

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10 Best Cats With Big Ears

Get ready to meet the feline friends with the biggest ears in the cat world! In this article, beacon pet‘ll introduce you to the top 10 cat breeds with impressive ears that will make you do a double take. We’ll explore each breed’s unique characteristics and personality traits, giving you a glimpse into the world of these captivating cats. From the Abyssinian with its outstretched ears to the Sphynx with its wrinkled skin and prominent features, these cats are sure to steal your heart with their striking appearances. So, let’s dive in and discover the 10 best cats with big ears that will leave you in awe.


The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds, though its origin is still unclear. However, it is believed that its ancestors likely lived along the Indian Ocean and in Southeast Asia. The Abyssinian is known for its distinctive physical appearance, particularly its pointy ears and slender, muscular body. Their ears outstretch to each side as though they’re always listening to something. Abyssinians are intelligent, playful, and highly active cats. They love being the center of attention and enjoy interactive play with their favorite humans.



The Balinese cat, with its large triangular ears, likely originated from a genetic mutation that created a longhaired version of the Siamese cat breed. These cats have a wedge-shaped head and a slender body. Their silky coat lies close to the body and resists matting. Balinese cats are typically affectionate, playful, and chatty. They love hanging out with their families and are known to get along well with children and other pets.

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The Chausie is a hybrid cat breed that was developed in the 1990s from crosses between Abyssinians and jungle cats. These cats have tall, wide ears that are set at a slight outward angle. While they may look wild, the Chausie is more “wild at heart” than actually wild. They prefer lots of attention and interactive play rather than lounging around the house. Chausies are intelligent and active cats that need mental and physical stimulation to thrive.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat is known for its distinctive wavy coat and large, slender, bat-like ears. This breed originated in Cornwall, England, where a kitten with a genetic mutation for a wavy coat was born. Cornish Rex cats are intelligent, active, and outgoing. They enjoy social interaction and are not typically gentle lap cats. The curved body, high cheekbones, and large ears of the Cornish Rex give them a unique look.

Cornish Rex: Best Cats With Big Ears

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat is known for its elfin look, which is largely due to its enormous ears. This breed is highly social and fun-loving, with some people even describing them as dog-like. Despite their small build, Devon Rex cats tend to look and act like kittens throughout most of their lives. Their coat is soft and wavy, appearing to ripple when petted. Devon Rex cats have large ears, a slender neck, and prominent eyes.

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a cat breed with broad ears that curve slightly forward, giving them an alert expression. This breed’s ancestors likely came from ancient Egyptian wild cats, and it is the only domesticated cat breed with a natural spotted coat pattern. Egyptian Maus are athletic cats that are notoriously good sprinters and love to climb. They require interactive play to keep their minds and bodies busy. The long, muscular body, green eyes, and large ears are distinguishing features of the Egyptian Mau.

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The Oriental cat breed was created from the Siamese, so it’s no surprise that they have the same prominent, triangle-shaped ears as their cousin. They have a sleek body, angular head, large ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Orientals look much like Siamese cats but come in even more coat varieties. These cats are naturally athletic and playful, and they tend to bond very strongly with their favorite humans.

Oriental: Best Cats With Big Ears


The Savannah cat is a cross between domestic cats and wild African servals. They have big, tall ears that are very much a part of their overall wild look. Savannah cats are somewhat wild in demeanor, although they typically love their families and demand attention. They are highly intelligent and energetic, requiring plenty of physical and mental exercise to keep them stimulated. The Savannah cat has a tall, lean body, erect ears, and a golden coat with dark spots and bars.


The Siamese cat is a sleek breed with prominent ears that are typically in a darker color than the majority of their coat. They have a distinctive wedge-shaped head and almond-shaped eyes. Siamese cats have been popular with cat lovers since the late 1800s and are known for their vocalizations. They enjoy “chatting” with their humans and like to be the center of attention. Siamese cats are social cats that prefer to have company throughout the day.


The Sphynx cat is known for its wrinkled skin and prominent features. Many of these hairless cats actually have a downy fuzz covering some or all of their bodies. However, it’s their huge ears and eyes compared to the rest of their head that really draw attention. Sphynx cats are generally friendly and cuddly, especially since they lack fur and seek warmth. They are known to entertain their humans with their clownish antics. The Sphynx cat has a hairless, wrinkled head and a lean build.

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Sphynx: Best Cats With Big Ears

In conclusion, these cat breeds with big ears each have their own unique characteristics and personalities. From the active and playful Abyssinian to the affectionate and chatty Balinese, there is a cat with big ears to suit every cat lover’s preferences. Whether you prefer a longhaired or hairless breed, there is undoubtedly a cat on this list that will capture your heart with its distinctive appearance and friendly nature.

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