23 Best Dog Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 2023

by beaconpet

Celebrate Christmas 2023 by including your beloved furry companion in the festivities! Pamper them with some of the finest dog stocking stuffers available. From delectable treats to charming toys, there’s a perfect gift for every pup on your list. Explore our curated selection of 23 suggestions guaranteed to make their tails wag with excitement. Whether it’s a Goody Box brimming with treats and toys or a festive Candy Cane Rope Toy, these stocking stuffers are designed to bring joy to your canine friend during this holiday season. Witness the delight in their eyes as they unwrap their special surprises on Christmas morning! Brought to you in collaboration with Beaconpet.

1. Goody Box

Grab this fun mix of treats and toys and check dog stocking stuffers off your list! Available in small breed, medium/large breed, and puppy packages.

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2. Candy Cane Rope Toys

Since traditional candy canes are a no-go for dogs, these rope toys are a perfect festive alternative to the classic stocking stuffer—and we’re pretty sure your pup will like them better anyway.

3. Lick Croix Plush Toy

Invite your dog to join you in a holiday beverage with these adorable plush drink options from Haute Diggity Dog. If your pup would prefer something fancier, consider the Dog Perignon or Muttgarita versions—they’ve got all your favorite beverages!

23 Best Dog Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 2023

4. Holiday Bandana Two Pack

Get your best bud outfitted for the season with this cheery and elegant bandana set made of durable polyester and holiday magic.

5. Plush Toy Credit Card

Earn points with your dog with this Americanine Express toy. Okay, so they can’t go buy things with this credit card, but then again, can you chew yours?

6. Dog Booties

Admittedly, your pup might not be that excited about tearing into his stocking to find these—but he’ll be glad to have them when the snow starts. Easy to take on and off, these durable booties are ready for your next winter walk together.

7. Organic Paw Balm

Soothe dry and cracked paws with this non-toxic, organic balm that will help your dog put their best paw forward.

8. Squeaky Plush Fox, Raccoon, and Squirrel

The woodland gang’s all here! For the playful chewer, these no-stuffing friends are just the thing to fill your pup’s stocking.

9. Kong SqueakAir Tennis Balls (2-Pack)

These squeaky tennis balls are fun because they come in an extra-small size for teacup breeds—no more chasing after giant boulders for those little pups! They also come in standard sizes, so all breeds can enjoy scrambling after these squeaky toys.

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10. GREENIES Natural Dental Dog Treats

Stuff a handful of these dog dental treats in your pup’s stocking for a festive and healthy touch to the holidays.

11. Plush Snoopy Santa Toy

Bond with your dog over a game of fetch with this beloved childhood character—Santa-Snoopy is sure to put you both in the Christmas spirit!

12. Candy Cane Dog Treats

This three-pack of candy cane-shaped treats will provide hours of happy chewing for your pup. As with all chews, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your dog while they enjoy.

Candy Cane Dog Treats

13. The Happy Poo Emoji Toy

A hilarious plush toy with a squeaker for your little poop machine!

14. Dog Santa Hat Headband

For large dogs with a hat face and lots of holiday spirit!

15. Nylabone Stuffable Chew Toy

This strong rubber chew is also stuffable so you can fill it with treats—the ideal dog stocking stuffer for your determined chewer!

kong classic dog toy durable natural rubber fun to chew chase and fetch for medium dogs

16. Funny Compostable Poop Bags (8-Pack)

Because you and your pet can always use poop bags—and because these are eco-friendly, too!

17. Gourmet Dog Cookies

Santa gets cookies, you get cookies, and now your dog gets festive cookies, too. (Lucky for her, they’re also USA-made, with human-grade ingredients.)

18. Durable Dog Chew Toy

This non-toxic toy is meant for aggressive chewers and comes in a festive red hue. It’s bound to keep your pup occupied while you get down to present-opening business.

19. Maple Bacon Ice Cream Mix for Dogs

Made to order for a pup’s digestion, this dog stocking stuffer is sure to be a hit. Mix the flavoring with hot water and freeze, then serve up whenever the family’s having a nice dessert, say, after Christmas dinner!

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20. Holiday Collar

Make an everyday wearable festive! Let your dog rock their Christmas collar while you don your Christmas sweater.

21. Burrow Reindeer Toy

Stuff the reindeer in their pen and the pen in your dog’s stocking! This interactive burrow puzzle toy will add some holiday cheer to your furry friend’s day as she puzzles over how to get all the reindeer out.

Burrow Reindeer Toy

22. Christmas Paw Stocking

Ruh-roh! Did you get your dog’s stuffers but forget the stocking? Grab this sweet paw-shaped one in red or green to hang next to yours on the fireplace mantel.

23. P.L.A.Y. Wobble Dog Puzzle Toy

Made to stimulate a dog’s senses, this dishwasher-safe toy will entertain and distract your dog as she figures out how to wobble it to get the treats out.

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