5 Funny Dog Videos: Dogs Getting a Bath

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5 Funny Dog Videos: Dogs Getting a Bath

Are you someone who finds great joy in watching hilarious dog videos? If so, you’re in for a treat with this article. “5 Funny Dog Videos: Dogs Getting a Bath” that Beaconpet mention below is a compilation of five videos that capture the pure hilarity that ensues when dogs are faced with the dreaded bath time. From the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, these videos showcase the different reactions of dogs encountering the water, and the entertaining aftermath that follows. So get ready to laugh and be prepared for some adorable moments as you dive into this collection of funny dog videos.

5 Funny Dog Videos: Dogs Getting a Bath


Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when it involves our furry friends. One thing that seems to bring joy and amusement to both dog owners and internet users alike is watching videos of dogs getting a bath. There’s something about seeing these adorable creatures react to water and soap that never fails to put a smile on our faces. In this article, we will explore five funny dog videos that capture the hilarity of bath time, as well as discuss why dogs often despise baths and why they go insane afterwards. So sit back, relax, and prepare to have a good laugh!

5 Funny Dog Videos: Dogs Getting a Bath

Video 1: Patience

In this first video, we witness the incredible patience of a dog during bath time. The video starts with a little pup sitting in a bathtub, seemingly calm and collected. As the owner begins to wash the dog, the pup remains surprisingly still, almost as if it understands the importance of staying clean. However, as the bath continues, we see the dog’s patience slowly fade away. It starts wiggling and squirming, clearly wanting to be done with the whole ordeal. The video ends with the dog finally escaping the bath and running off, leaving a trail of water behind.

Funny moments during the bath

Throughout the video, there are several funny moments that make us chuckle. From the dog’s exaggerated facial expressions to its comical attempts at avoiding the water, every second of the bath is filled with laughter. One particularly amusing moment occurs when the dog tries to jump out of the tub but slips and falls back in, creating a splash that drenches both the owner and the surrounding area.

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Reaction of the dog

Despite its initial patience, it’s evident that the dog eventually grows tired of the bath. Its reaction becomes more and more desperate as the minutes tick by, showcasing its desire to escape the dreaded water. This relatable frustration adds to the comedic value of the video and leaves viewers cheering for the dog’s triumphant exit.

Viewers’ comments and reactions

The video has garnered thousands of views and comments from amused viewers. Many express their empathy for the dog, relating their own experiences with bath-averse pets. Some even share hilarious anecdotes of their own furry friends’ bath time adventures. The comments section becomes a space for dog lovers to connect and bond over their shared love for canine companionship.

Video 2: Willy the Chihuahua

Willy the Chihuahua takes center stage in this next video, showcasing his unique reaction to bath time. As the video begins, we see a small Chihuahua sitting in a miniature bathtub, eagerly awaiting his turn to be cleaned. However, the moment the owner turns on the water, Willy goes into full-on panic mode. The Chihuahua’s frantic energy is both endearing and hilarious, as it attempts to escape the warm cascade of water.

Willy the Chihuahua

Description of the video

The video captures the entire bath time experience of Willy the Chihuahua, from his initial excitement to his hilarious reaction to the water. The camera follows his every move, capturing his wide-eyed expressions and comical attempts to avoid the inevitable bath.

Chihuahua’s reaction to the bath

Unlike the patient dog in the previous video, Willy the Chihuahua makes it clear from the start that he wants nothing to do with bathing. His initial excitement quickly turns to fear and panic as the water approaches. He jumps, yelps, and does everything in his power to escape the tub. The contrast between Willy’s small size and his big personality only adds to the entertainment factor of the video.

Entertaining behavior during the bath

As the bath continues, Willy’s antics become even more entertaining. He tries to climb the walls of the tub, splashes water everywhere, and even attempts to hide under a towel. The entire scene is filled with laughter-inducing moments that highlight the Chihuahua’s determination to avoid getting wet.

Viewers’ comments and reactions

The video of Willy the Chihuahua has become a viral sensation, garnering millions of views and countless comments from amused viewers. Many viewers express their admiration for Willy’s spirited personality and his unwillingness to give in to the bath. Others share their own Chihuahua bath stories, creating a sense of camaraderie within the comment section.

Video 3: Great Dane Stuck in a Tub

In this video, we witness the humorous struggle of a Great Dane attempting to fit into a regular-sized bathtub. The sheer size difference between the Great Dane and the tub becomes immediately apparent, creating a hilarious predicament for both the dog and its owner.

Description of the video

The video begins with the owner attempting to guide the Great Dane into the bathtub, but it quickly becomes evident that the tub is just not big enough to accommodate the massive dog. Despite the owner’s best efforts, the Great Dane’s attempts to squeeze into the tub are both comical and endearing.

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Struggle of the Great Dane to fit in the tub

As the video progresses, it becomes clear that the Great Dane is determined to get into the tub, no matter how awkward it may seem. The dog wiggles and bends its way into the small space, squishing its body to fit. The visual juxtaposition of the towering Great Dane contorting itself to fit into a tiny tub is a sight that will leave anyone in stitches.

Funny moments during the bath

Throughout the video, there are numerous funny moments that capture the Great Dane’s struggle in all its glory. The dog’s attempts to find a comfortable position, combined with its facial expressions of confusion, create a continuous stream of laughter. At one point, the Great Dane gets stuck halfway into the tub, prompting the owner to burst into laughter.

Viewers’ comments and reactions

The video of the Great Dane stuck in a tub has generated a significant amount of attention from viewers. Many viewers express their amazement at the dog’s determination and its ability to remain good-natured throughout the ordeal. Some commenters even suggest that the owner invest in a larger dog-friendly bathtub, while others share their own stories of trying to bathe their giant breed dogs. The comment section becomes an interactive space for dog owners to share their experiences and offer support to one another.

Video 4: Funny Dog Bathing Compilation

If you’re looking for a collection of hilarious dog bath moments, this compilation video is perfect for you. It features various dogs of different breeds and sizes, each with their unique reactions to bath time. From dogs leaping out of tubs to others trying to bite the stream of water, this video has it all.

Funny Dog Bathing Compilation

Description of the video

As the video plays, we are treated to a series of clips showcasing dogs and their often melodramatic responses to baths. The compilation takes us through a range of emotions – from amusement to sympathy – as we witness the humorous struggles faced by these furry friends.

Compilation of different dog’s reactions during baths

The video showcases a wide variety of dogs, each with their own amusing reactions to the dreaded bath. Some dogs simply cannot contain their excitement and end up splashing water everywhere, while others try to escape their watery fate by leaping out of the tub. The compilation offers a glimpse into the many personalities and quirks of our beloved canine companions.

Funny and cute moments

From goofy expressions to adorable attempts at avoiding the water, the video is filled with funny and cute moments. We see dogs shaking off excess water, creating a fountain-like effect, while others give their owners pleading looks, begging to be spared from further soaking. These charming and amusing moments leave viewers feeling a mix of laughter and affection towards these furry bath time enthusiasts.

Viewers’ comments and reactions

As with the previous videos, this funny dog bathing compilation has garnered a significant amount of attention from viewers. Many express their delight and amusement at the diverse range of dog reactions, highlighting their relatability and how they remind them of their own pets. The comment section becomes a hub of laughter and connection, as dog owners share stories and anecdotes about their own bath time mishaps.

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Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

Now that we’ve had our fair share of laughter, let’s take a closer look at why dogs often despise baths. While every dog is unique and may have different reasons for their bath aversion, there are a few common factors to consider.

Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

Overview of common reasons why dogs dislike baths

Baths can be a source of stress and anxiety for dogs due to a variety of reasons. Understanding these reasons can help dog owners make bath time a more positive experience for their furry companions.

Fear of water

Some dogs simply have a fear of water. This fear may stem from a traumatic past experience or a natural aversion to being submerged in water. The sound and sensation of running water can be intimidating for dogs, leading to reluctance or resistance during bath time.

Sensitive or dry skin

For dogs with sensitive or dry skin, baths can be uncomfortable or even painful. The use of certain shampoos or soaps can cause irritation, leading to an unpleasant experience for the dog. Additionally, the process of towel-drying or blow-drying can further exacerbate skin issues, making dogs associate baths with discomfort.

Negative past experiences

If a dog has had a negative or traumatic experience during a previous bath, they may develop an aversion or fear towards future baths. This could include slipping in the tub, getting water in their ears, or being handled roughly during the bathing process. Dogs have long memories, and a single negative experience can leave a lasting impact on their perception of baths.

Tips for making bath time easier for dogs

Fortunately, there are several strategies that dog owners can employ to make bath time a more positive and less stressful experience for their dogs. These include gradual desensitization to water, using gentle and hypoallergenic bathing products, ensuring a comfortable water temperature, and providing treats or rewards throughout the process. Building a positive association with bath time can help alleviate dogs’ negative feelings towards baths and make the experience more enjoyable for both parties involved.

Why Do Dogs Go Insane Afterwards?

Now that we’ve explored why dogs often dislike baths, let’s delve into the phenomenon of why they go insane afterwards. If you’ve ever witnessed a dog zooming around the house with uncontrollable energy after a bath, you may wonder why this happens.

why dogs go insane afterwards

Explanation of the zoomies phenomenon

The term “zoomies” refers to a burst of seemingly irrational, frenetic energy that dogs often display after a bath. It’s as if they’re experiencing an adrenaline rush, causing them to sprint, jump, and zig-zag around the house or yard.

Release of energy after a stressful situation

Baths can be stressful for dogs, particularly those who dislike water or have had negative experiences in the past. The zoomies that follow a bath can be viewed as a release of built-up tension and anxiety. The dog’s instinctual response is to burn off the excess energy in a playful and exuberant manner.

Natural reaction to being wet

Dogs are naturally quite sensitive to changes in their environment, including changes in their physical state, such as being wet. The sensation of wet fur and the added weight of water can feel uncomfortable for dogs. The zoomies may simply be their way of shaking off the water and returning to their usual state of dryness.

Viewers’ comments and experiences

This phenomenon has caught the attention of countless dog owners who have witnessed their own dogs’ post-bath zoomies. Many viewers in the comment section of related videos and articles share their own stories of their dogs going wild after a bath, confirming that this behavior is quite common among canine bath time enthusiasts.


In conclusion, watching funny dog videos of dogs getting a bath is a surefire way to brighten your day. From patient dogs to panicking Chihuahuas and Great Danes stuck in tubs, these videos capture the charm and hilarity of bath time with our furry friends. While dogs may not always enjoy baths, understanding their aversion and employing strategies to make bath time less stressful can help create a more positive experience for both dogs and their owners. So next time you find yourself laughing at a video of a soaked canine, remember to appreciate their unique personalities and consider sharing your own funny dog bath videos to spread the laughter and joy.

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