6 Great Dog Documentaries on Netflix

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6 Great Dog Documentaries on Netflix

If you’re a dog lover and subscribe to Netflix then you’re in for a treat. Netflix offers a great selection of documentaries about dogs that will not only entertain you, but will also help you deepen your understanding and appreciation of our four-legged friends. In addition to Netflix, we can also discover more from BeaConPet about heartwarming stories about rescued dogs getting a second chance to thought-provoking insights into how dogs see the world, This documentary is sure to capture your attention and touch your heart. So grab your popcorn and get ready to embark on a journey through six great dog documentaries available on Netflix.

6 Great Dog Documentaries on Netflix

If you’re a dog lover and enjoy watching documentaries, you’ll be thrilled to know that Netflix has a great selection of dog documentaries for you to dive into. These documentaries offer a closer look at the world of dogs, their impact on our lives, and the issues they face. Here are six great dog documentaries available to stream on Netflix.

6 Great Dog Documentaries on Netflix

1. Dogs

“Dogs” is a six-part documentary series that explores the incredible bond between dogs and their owners. Each episode tells a heartwarming story of how dogs can transform people’s lives and make them happier. From the deep emotional connection to the remarkable skills dogs possess, this series highlights the many ways in which dogs enrich our lives.

Themes: Love and companionship, loyalty, empathy, the healing power of dogs

2. Second Chance Dogs

“Second Chance Dogs” takes viewers on a journey to a facility dedicated to rehabilitating neglected dogs and giving them a second chance at life. These dogs have endured neglect and abuse, and their stories are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Through patience, commitment, and love, the transformations these dogs undergo are truly remarkable.

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Themes: Resilience, redemption, the power of rehabilitation

3. A Dog’s Life

“A Dog’s Life” offers a unique perspective on how our furry friends navigate through their daily lives. Through the lens of the dog’s point of view, this documentary allows us to see the world from their eyes, revealing their problem-solving abilities and their interactions with humans and other canines. It is a fascinating exploration of how dogs perceive and interact with the world around them.

Themes: Canine behavior, communication, problem-solving

A Dog's Life

4. A Man & His Dogs

“A Man & His Dogs” is a two-episode series that delves into the origins of dogs and how they have become such trainable companions. The first episode explores the origins of our furry friends by studying wolves and dingoes, while the second episode showcases the incredible trainability of dogs through the stories of working Border Collies and search and rescue dogs.

Themes: Canine intelligence, domestication, the unique bond between humans and dogs

5. Dog by Dog

“Dog by Dog” explores the dark side of the dog industry, shedding light on the cruel realities of puppy mills and the connections between these mills, big agriculture, and the political landscape. This eye-opening documentary aims to raise awareness about the hidden horrors happening behind the scenes and advocates for change in the dog breeding industry.

Themes: Animal welfare, advocacy, the impact of consumer choices

6. The Champions

“The Champions” tells the inspiring story of the dogs rescued from the notorious Michael Vick dog fighting ring. This documentary follows the journey of these dogs as they are given a second chance at life, showing their resilience and the transformative power of love and care.

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Themes: Second chances, overcoming adversity, the impact of animal cruelty

The Champions

7. Pet Fooled

“Pet Fooled” takes a closer look at the unregulated pet food industry and its negative impact on our pets’ health. This documentary exposes the deceptive marketing tactics used by pet food companies and raises questions about the quality and safety of the food we feed our furry companions.

Themes: Pet nutrition, consumer awareness, responsible pet ownership

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In addition to these captivating documentaries, there are also several articles that dog lovers will find interesting and informative. Here are some recommended articles to enhance your dog-loving experience:

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Here are some comments from fellow dog lovers who have watched these documentaries:

  • Jan: “We have a storm moving in and now we have something to curl up and watch. Thanks.”
  • Lucy: “I guess I might need to have a movies and snack/treat night with my pup one of these days! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the fun posts!”
  • Jen Gabbard: “Start with Dogs on the Inside; it’s my favorite of the four available :)”
  • Chris: “I’d love to watch these.. Got to have a movie marathon over the weekend! Thanks for sharing.”
  • Cathy Armato: “I absolutely LOVED Second Chance Dogs by the ASPCA. I was just searching around to see if they had a new one out yet. I’m hoping they do another one. I’m watching A Dog’s Life now, I just started that one. I heard about another one called Pet Fooled which addresses pet food manufacturing. I heard it was on Netflix but I can’t find it yet. Thanks for these reco’s, I’ll look for the other two, they sound great. We’re getting a snow storm tomorrow so it’s a good opportunity! Love & Biscuits, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them”
  • Dog Beds: “Wow, gotta watch some of these! Netflix and curl up with the furbaby xx”
  • Danang: “I’m waiting for the new movie ‘GOD’S BEST FRIEND’ released 5-1-2018 to stream on Netflix. Looks good, thanks for this list.”
  • Jennifer: “The Champions is one of the best documentaries on any subject I’ve ever seen. Challenge yourself to watch it without crying – just try. It’s a truly heroic film, and a much-needed reminder that for every heartless psychopath in the world that thinks it’s entertaining to watch dogs – dogs! for God’s sake – fight to the death, there are many more who give of themselves, selflessly, to ensure that each four-legged friend gets the chance in life that all dogs deserve: to be a proud and much-loved member of a human ‘pack.’ Treat yourself today!”
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With these incredible dog documentaries and recommended articles, you’ll have endless hours of dog-filled entertainment that will deepen your love and understanding for our furry companions. So grab some popcorn, snuggle up with your pup, and enjoy these captivating tales of canine companionship.

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