8 SNL Sketches Starring Cats: Feline Funnies

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Laser Cats

Get ready to laugh out loud with “8 SNL Sketches Starring Cats: Funny Cats.” From the iconic “Laser Cats” digital short to the hilarious adventures of Toonces the Driving Cat, Saturday Night Live has never failed to deliver cat-centric comedy gold. This article BeaConPet takes a look at some of the most memorable sketches, including one that parodies cat food commercials and another that showcases cats in action-packed armor. Featuring A-list celebrities and guaranteed to deliver plenty of laughs, these sketches are a must-see for any cat lover with a sense of humor. So grab your popcorn and prepare for some cat fun that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Laser Cats

Laser Cats

The original “Laser Cats!” digital short

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if cats had the ability to shoot laser beams out of their mouths? Well, wonder no more! The original “Laser Cats!” digital short, which premiered in 2006, takes us into a hilarious universe where just that happens. This classic sketch introduced us to a race of laser-beam-spitting kittens and featured a cameo by a young Lindsay Lohan. Little did we know at the time that this would be just the beginning of the “Laser Cats!” series.

Cameos from stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Christopher Walken

As the “Laser Cats!” series continued, it attracted some big-name stars who were eager to join in on the feline fun. Jake Gyllenhaal, Christopher Walken, Steve Martin, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Elton John are just a few of the celebrities who have made cameos in the sketch. It’s always a treat to see these stars embrace their silly side and interact with the laser-wielding cats. “Laser Cats!” is a testament to the enduring humor of cats and their ability to bring joy to even the biggest celebrities.

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Toonces the Driving Cat

One of the most popular ongoing SNL cat sketches

Toonces, the driving cat, is an SNL cat sketch that has become a fan favorite over the years. This hilarious recurring sketch follows the adventures of Toonces, a domestic shorthair who, much to the amusement of his owners, can drive a car. However, there’s one catch – he’s not exactly skilled behind the wheel. Toonces’s driving skills always end in disaster, with everyone in the car inevitably going over a cliff. Despite the predictable outcome, fans can’t get enough of Toonces’s misadventures and his owners’ reactions.

Inspired follow-ups and a prime-time comedy special

The popularity of the original Toonces sketch led to several follow-up sketches that continued to showcase Toonces’s disastrous driving skills. Fans loved seeing the various guest stars who joined Toonces on his adventures, only to end up in the same fate of tumbling over a cliff. Toonces’s popularity even earned the cat his own half-hour prime-time comedy special, where viewers could enjoy even more of his comically tragic driving exploits. Toonces has truly become a beloved character in the SNL universe and a testament to the enduring appeal of cats in comedy.

Cat Cuisine

Cat Cuisine

A commercial parody from 2010

Cat food commercials often make extravagant claims about the quality and taste of their products. In 2010, SNL decided to have a little fun by creating a commercial parody that pokes fun at these exaggerated claims. The parody, known as “Cat Cuisine,” features a variety of fancy-sounding dishes like braised lamb and venison ravioli. However, the twist is revealed when a cat takes a bite and hilariously spits out the food, reminding viewers that what you see on the package isn’t always what you get. It’s a lighthearted jab at the sometimes deceptive world of cat food marketing.

Pokes fun at cat food makers

“Cat Cuisine” not only parodies the extravagant claims of cat food commercials but also serves as a playful critique of cat food makers themselves. The sketch reminds us to approach marketing claims with a healthy dose of skepticism and not to be swayed by flashy packaging and fancy descriptions. While cats may have preferences when it comes to their food, SNL reminds us that sometimes simple is best, and that cats can be just as content with a basic yet nutritious meal.

Litter Critters

Cheri Oteri starred in this commercial

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with Fluffy’s litter box waste, SNL has a creative (albeit fictional) solution for you. “Litter Critters” is a commercial parody that features Cheri Oteri promoting a craft kit for kids that can transform cat poop into fun children’s toys. While the idea may sound absurd, the sketch leans into the absurdity and showcases how SNL can turn even the most mundane things into comedic gold.

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Transforms cat poop into children’s toys

The concept of “Litter Critters” may be outrageous, but that’s part of the charm. The sketch takes something as ordinary as cat poop and turns it into a source of amusement, reminding us that humor can be found in the most unexpected places. While we certainly don’t recommend actually using cat poop as craft materials, “Litter Critters” serves as a reminder of SNL’s ability to take everyday situations and give them a hilarious twist.

Pet Cat

Pet Cat

Rachel Dratch and Paul Giamatti in a romantic interlude

“Pet Cat” takes a lighthearted look at the challenges that can arise when introducing a new romantic partner to your pet. The sketch features Rachel Dratch and guest star Paul Giamatti as a couple on a great first date. However, their romantic interlude is interrupted by an overbearing cat named Franklin, played by a fur-suit-clad Fred Armisen. The sketch showcases the awkwardness and humor that can come with navigating the dynamics between humans and their pets.

Interrupted by an overbearing cat

One of the standout elements of “Pet Cat” is the portrayal of Franklin, the overbearing cat who steals the spotlight. Fred Armisen’s performance in a cat suit brings an added layer of comedic absurdity to the sketch, as he embodies the characteristics of an overly possessive pet. The sketch serves as a reminder that sometimes our beloved furry friends can have unexpected and hilarious ways of asserting their presence, even in the most romantic of moments.

Christmas with the Cat Lady

Robert DeNiro dresses in drag

In “Christmas with the Cat Lady,” Robert DeNiro takes on the role of a bitter crazy-cat lady who’s just trying to enjoy a quiet Christmas at home with her 80 feline companions. DeNiro’s comedic portrayal of the cat lady, complete with drag attire, adds an extra layer of hilarity to the sketch. This memorable holiday-themed sketch reminds us that cats have a way of bringing both joy and chaos into our lives, especially during the festive season.

Bitter crazy-cat lady celebrates Christmas

The character of the bitter crazy-cat lady resonates with many cat lovers who may find themselves slightly obsessed with their feline companions. “Christmas with the Cat Lady” serves as a humorous exaggeration of this obsession, highlighting the quirks and idiosyncrasies that can come with owning multiple cats. While the sketch may poke fun at the stereotype of the cat lady, it also celebrates the unique bond that exists between cats and their owners, even if it means enduring a chaotic Christmas celebration.

Action Cats

Action Cats

Suits of armor for cats with weapons

If you’ve ever thought your cat could use a little extra protection and firepower, SNL has the answer with “Action Cats.” This sketch introduces a line of suits of armor specifically designed for cats, complete with built-in weapons. From glow-in-the-dark armor to suits that launch projectiles, “Action Cats” offers a comedic take on the idea of turning cats into lean, mean, fighting machines. The sketch showcases SNL’s knack for taking absurd concepts and running with them to create hilarious results.

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22 styles including Stego-puss and Skele-Kitty

Part of what makes “Action Cats” so entertaining is the variety of suit designs available. The sketch introduces 22 different styles, each with its own unique features and name. From the Stego-puss, complete with spiky armor, to the Skele-Kitty, adorned with a skeleton motif, SNL injects playful creativity into every aspect of the sketch. “Action Cats” is a delightful reminder that sometimes the best comedy comes from embracing the absurd.


Parody of the Meow Mix commercial

The iconic Meow Mix commercial, featuring a group of singing kitties meowing in harmony, gets a hilarious twist in the SNL sketch “Eych.” This parody showcases a fictional hairball remover called Eych, which claims to be the product that cats ask for by name. The sketch cleverly plays on the catchy jingle of the Meow Mix commercial and introduces the idea that cats are not only aware of their hairball problem but are also actively seeking a solution.

Hairball remover that cats ask for by name

“Eych” takes the concept of a hairball remover to a new level by personifying it as a product that cats actively request. The sketch humorously suggests that cats have the ability to communicate their needs and preferences, even when it comes to less glamorous aspects of their lives. By parodying the Meow Mix commercial, “Eych” not only showcases SNL’s comedic creativity but also taps into the relatable experiences that cat owners have with their furry friends.

The 12 Dangers of Christmas for Cats (Sung by Dr. Karyn & Clutch)

The dangers cats face during the holiday season

“The 12 Dangers of Christmas for Cats” is a comedic musical performance that highlights the potential hazards cats may encounter during the holiday season. Sung by Dr. Karyn and Clutch, the sketch playfully addresses common dangers such as tinsel, toxic plants, and open flames, while providing a catchy tune that will have you singing along. This creative approach to addressing serious topics reminds us that education and laughs can go hand in hand.

Sung in a comedic performance

The comedic performance of “The 12 Dangers of Christmas for Cats” adds an extra layer of entertainment to the sketch. Dr. Karyn and Clutch bring a humorous energy to the song, ensuring that the important safety messages are delivered with a dose of laughter. By infusing music into the sketch, SNL creates a catchy and memorable way to educate cat owners about potential holiday hazards, proving that learning doesn’t have to be dull.

Can Rice Be Used as Cat Litter?

Can Rice Be Used as Cat Litter?

Pros and cons of using rice as cat litter

In this informative sketch, SNL explores the idea of using rice as cat litter. The sketch delves into the pros and cons of this alternative litter option, weighing the benefits of its affordability and availability against the potential drawbacks such as tracking and odor control. While the concept may seem far-fetched, the sketch provides an entertaining platform to consider unconventional alternatives and think outside the litter box.

In conclusion, SNL has had no shortage of feline-inspired hilarity throughout its history. From the laser-beam-spitting kittens of “Laser Cats!” to the disastrous driving adventures of Toonces, SNL has captured the essence of cat humor in a way that resonates with audiences. Whether through clever commercial parodies, relatable pet-owner dynamics, or holiday-themed sketches, SNL showcases the enduring appeal of cats in comedy. So next time you tune in to SNL, keep an eye out for the cats – they’re bound to bring some serious laughs.

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