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Different types of dog collars

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Get ready for some great savings! It’s that time of year again when Black Friday sales come to beaconpets again and this year you can’t miss out on great deals on dog collars. Whether you’re looking for a trendy leather necklace, a durable nylon bracelet, or even a fancy LED option, you’ve got it covered. From cute patterns to adjustable sizes, these deals have it all. Don’t let your furry friend miss out on the opportunity to be stylish and save big this Black Friday!

Different types of dog collars

Different types of dog collars

Flat collars

Flat collars are the most common type of collars for dogs. They are made from durable materials, such as nylon or leather, and are designed to be worn comfortably around the dog’s neck. They usually have a buckle or snap closure for secure fastening. These collars are suitable for everyday use and are available in various styles and designs.

Martingale collars

Martingale collars, also known as limited-slip collars, are designed to provide control without choking. They have a loop that tightens when the dog pulls, preventing them from slipping out of the collar. Martingale collars are often recommended for dogs with narrow heads or those prone to slipping out of traditional flat collars.

Choke collars

Choke collars, also called slip collars, are training collars that provide a quick correction when the dog pulls. They consist of a chain or nylon loop that tightens around the dog’s neck when pressure is applied. Choke collars should only be used under the guidance of a professional trainer and should never be left on an unsupervised dog.

Prong collars

Prong collars, also known as pinch collars, are designed to mimic the correction a dog would receive from another dog. They have metal prongs that press into the dog’s neck when tension is applied. Prong collars should be used with caution and only under the guidance of a professional trainer. They are not suitable for every dog and should not be used as a long-term training solution.


Harnesses are an alternative to collars for dogs that tend to pull on walks or have respiratory issues. They distribute the force across the dog’s chest and back instead of their neck, providing more control and reducing the risk of neck injuries. There are various types of harnesses available, including back-clip, front-clip, and no-pull harnesses.

Bark collars

Bark collars are specifically designed to discourage excessive barking. They detect the sound or vibration of a dog’s bark and deliver a harmless deterrent, such as a beep, vibration, or citronella spray. Bark collars can be helpful for training purposes, but they should not be used as a substitute for addressing the underlying cause of the excessive barking.

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GPS collars

GPS collars are equipped with global positioning system technology to track the location of a dog. These collars are especially useful for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their dog’s whereabouts, whether it’s during walks or when they are off-leash. GPS collars often come with smartphone apps that allow owners to monitor their dogs in real-time.

LED collars

LED collars are designed to enhance the visibility of dogs during low light or nighttime walks. These collars have built-in LED lights that can be set to steady or flashing modes, making it easier for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to spot the dog. LED collars are especially popular for safety-conscious pet owners.

Training collars

Training collars are specifically designed to assist in training and behavior correction. They can include various types such as remote-controlled electronic collars, citronella spray collars, and vibration collars. Training collars should only be used under the guidance of a professional trainer to ensure safe and effective use.

Fashion collars

Fashion collars are collars that prioritize style and design. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, allowing pet owners to showcase their dog’s personality and unique style. Fashion collars are often seen as an accessory rather than a functional collar, but they should still be made from quality materials for durability.

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Factors to consider when choosing a dog collar

Size and breed of the dog

The size and breed of the dog play a significant role in determining the type and size of the collar. It’s important to choose a collar that fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose. Different breeds may require specific types of collars due to their anatomy or behavior traits. It’s essential to consider the dog’s size and breed when selecting a collar.

Purpose and functionality

Consider the purpose and functionality of the collar. Is it for everyday use, training, or a specific need like anti-pulling or bark control? Understanding the intended use of the collar will help in choosing the most suitable type and features.

Material and durability

The material and durability of the collar are crucial factors to consider. Collars made from high-quality materials like nylon or leather are generally more durable and long-lasting. It’s important to choose a collar that can withstand daily wear and tear, especially for active dogs or those prone to chewing.

Comfort and fit

Comfort and fit are important considerations for the dog’s well-being. The collar should be snug enough to prevent slipping off but not too tight as to cause discomfort or restrict breathing. Adjustable collars are often preferred to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, considering the width of the collar is important, as wider collars may be more comfortable for larger dogs.

Safety features

Safety features such as reflective materials or a breakaway buckle can enhance the safety of the collar. Reflective collars are especially useful for nighttime visibility, while breakaway buckles can prevent accidents if the collar gets snagged. Safety should always be a top priority when choosing a collar.

Style and design

While functionality is important, the style and design of the collar can also play a role in personal preference. Choosing a collar that aligns with the owner’s style and the dog’s personality can add a touch of flair to daily walks or outings.

Easy maintenance

Consider the ease of maintenance when choosing a collar. Some materials may require more frequent cleaning or may not be suitable for certain environments. Opting for collars that are easy to clean and maintain can save time and effort in the long run.

Budget considerations

Budget considerations are important when selecting a collar. Collars can vary widely in price depending on factors such as materials, brand, and features. Setting a budget beforehand can help narrow down options and ensure a satisfactory purchase without overspending.

Customer reviews and ratings

Reading customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the quality, durability, and overall customer satisfaction with a specific collar. It’s helpful to consider the feedback of other pet owners who have used the collar before making a final decision.

Manufacturer warranty

Checking for a manufacturer warranty can provide peace of mind in case the collar has any defects or issues. A warranty can protect the buyer from having to bear the full cost of a replacement if there are any problems with the collar.

Top Black Friday deals on dog collars

Top Black Friday deals on dog collars

Discounted prices on popular brands

Black Friday often brings significant price reductions on popular dog collar brands. This is a great opportunity to save money while still getting a high-quality collar from a reputable brand. Many retailers offer discounted prices on well-known collar manufacturers during this time.

Bundle deals for multiple collars

Some retailers offer bundle deals or package deals for customers looking to purchase multiple collars. These deals can provide additional savings and allow pet owners to stock up on different types or styles of collars for various needs.

Limited-time flash sale

During Black Friday, retailers may offer limited-time flash sales, where specific collars are available at heavily discounted prices for a short period. These flash sales are often time-limited or have limited quantities, so it’s important to stay updated on the sale details and act quickly to secure the desired collar at a great price.

Customizable collars at discounted rates

For pet owners looking for a personalized touch, Black Friday can be an excellent opportunity to find customizable collars at discounted rates. Some retailers may offer discounts on collars that can be embroidered or engraved with the dog’s name or personal message.

Exclusive offers for loyalty program members

Many pet supply stores have loyalty programs that offer exclusive benefits to members. During Black Friday, these programs often come with additional perks such as early access to deals, extra discounts, or bonus rewards on collar purchases. Joining the loyalty program can be a great way to maximize savings during this time.

Free shipping deals

Some retailers may offer free shipping deals for dog collars on Black Friday. This can help save on additional costs, especially for online purchases. Free shipping allows pet owners to have their chosen collars delivered directly to their doorstep without any extra charges.

Buy one, get one free promotions

Black Friday can bring buy one, get one free promotions for dog collars. This means that pet owners can get two quality collars for the price of one, maximizing savings and allowing for more options or backup collars.

Black Friday doorbuster deals

Doorbuster deals, also known as early bird specials, are exclusive deals that are available only for a limited time or to the first customers in line at physical stores. These deals can offer significant discounts on dog collars and can be a great way to score a deal on popular brands or high-end collars.

Clearance sales on older inventory

Black Friday can also bring clearance sales on older inventory or discontinued collar models. While they may not be the latest or trendiest options, these collars can still be functional and durable, and often come at heavily discounted prices.

Additional discounts with coupon codes

Some retailers may offer additional discounts on dog collars during Black Friday with the use of coupon codes. These coupon codes can be found on retailer websites, social media pages, or in promotional emails. Entering the coupon code during the checkout process can unlock further savings.

Best dog collar deals for different dog breeds

Small breed dog collar deals

For small dog breeds, Black Friday can bring great deals on collars specifically tailored to their size. Look out for offers on adjustable and lightweight collars that offer comfort and style without overwhelming the small dog’s frame.

Medium breed dog collar deals

Medium-sized dogs can benefit from Black Friday deals on collars that strike a balance between size, durability, and style. Look for collars that are adjustable and made from durable materials to withstand the energy and activity level of a medium-sized dog.

Large breed dog collar deals

Large breed dogs require collars that are strong, durable, and adjustable. Black Friday deals often offer discounts on heavy-duty collars designed to handle the size and strength of larger dogs. Look for collars with reinforced stitching and sturdy materials.

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Extra-large breed dog collar deals

Extra-large breed dogs have unique collar needs due to their size and strength. Black Friday can provide opportunities to find specialized collars designed to comfortably fit and control these impressive dogs. Look for collars with wide straps and adjustable options for an optimal fit.

Breed-specific collar deals

Breed-specific collars are designed to cater to the unique characteristics and needs of specific dog breeds. Black Friday deals may include specially designed collars for breeds like Bulldogs, Greyhounds, or Dachshunds. These collars can offer a better fit and increased comfort for specific breed types.

Customized breed-themed collars

Black Friday may bring deals on customized breed-themed collars that showcase the pride and love for a specific dog breed. These collars often feature breed-specific patterns, colors, or engravings, adding a touch of personalization and uniqueness.

Deals on reflective collars for night walks

Reflective collars are essential for nighttime walks to enhance visibility and safety. Black Friday deals can offer discounts on reflective collars with reflective strips or LED lights, ensuring that the dog remains visible to drivers and pedestrians during low light conditions.

Waterproof collars for water-loving dogs

Waterproof collars are ideal for active dogs that enjoy swimming or playing in water. Black Friday deals may include discounts on waterproof collars made from materials like rubber or coated nylon, offering durability and easy maintenance.

Special deals on hunting dog collars

Hunting dog collars are designed to withstand rugged conditions while providing control and visibility. Black Friday can bring significant discounts on hunting dog collars, ensuring that hunters and their dogs have the necessary equipment for a successful outing.

Deals on training collars for active dog breeds

Active dog breeds often require additional training collars to address behavior and control. Black Friday deals may include discounts on training collars with features like remote control, vibration, or citronella spray. These collars can be beneficial for active dog breeds that require extra guidance and training.

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Black Friday deals on specialized dog collars

Black Friday deals on specialized dog collars

GPS tracking collars at discounted rates

Black Friday offers a great opportunity to purchase GPS tracking collars at discounted rates. These collars utilize GPS technology to track the precise location of a dog, providing peace of mind for pet owners and ensuring the safety and security of their four-legged companions.

Smart collars with activity tracking features

Smart collars equipped with activity tracking features are becoming increasingly popular. They can monitor a dog’s activity levels, calories burned, sleep patterns, and even provide insights into overall health. Black Friday can bring deals on these high-tech collars, allowing pet owners to keep a close eye on their dog’s well-being.

Bark control collars for excessive barking

For pet owners dealing with excessive barking, Black Friday deals on bark control collars can offer a solution. These collars detect barking and deliver a harmless deterrent, helping to train dogs to reduce their excessive vocalization.

Inflatable collars for post-surgery recovery

Inflatable collars, also known as e-collars or cone collars, are used to prevent dogs from accessing surgical wounds or injuries. Black Friday deals may include discounts on inflatable collars, making post-surgery recovery more comfortable for dogs while protecting their healing sites.

Therapy dog collars at discounted prices

Therapy dog collars are typically used by certified therapy dogs to denote their status and role in providing comfort and support. Black Friday can bring discounts on therapy dog collars, allowing therapy dog handlers to find suitable collars that meet the necessary requirements and certifications.

LED light-up collars for visibility at night

LED light-up collars are not only fashionable but also promote visibility and safety during nighttime walks. Black Friday deals may offer discounted prices on these collars, featuring various lighting modes and brightness levels for optimal visibility.

Designer collars from luxury brands

For pet owners who prefer luxury and style, Black Friday can bring deals on designer collars from well-known luxury brands. These collars often feature premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and sophisticated designs, allowing pets to strut their stuff in style.

Service dog collars with identification patches

Service dog collars are designed to identify working service dogs and assist their handlers with accessibility rights. Black Friday deals may offer discounts on service dog collars with identification patches, making it easier for service dog teams to navigate public spaces and access the necessary accommodations.

Anti-pulling harnesses at discounted rates

Anti-pulling harnesses are designed to discourage dogs from pulling on the leash by redirecting their forward movement. Black Friday deals may include discounts on anti-pulling harnesses, giving pet owners an opportunity to address leash pulling behavior while providing extra control.

Vibrating collars for training and behavior correction

Vibrating collars are training collars that deliver a vibration signal as a form of correction or alert to the dog. Black Friday deals can bring discounts on vibrating collars, enabling pet owners to effectively train and manage their dog’s behavior with a humane alternative to more corrective measures.

Tips for maximizing savings on Black Friday

Create a budget and wishlist beforehand

Before the Black Friday sales begin, create a budget to help prioritize spending and avoid overspending. Additionally, create a wishlist of the desired dog collars, including specific brands, sizes, and features. This will help stay focused on the most desired items and prevent impulse purchases.

Compare prices from different retailers

Comparison shopping is crucial to ensure getting the best deals. Before making a purchase, compare prices across different retailers to ensure the chosen collar is offered at the best possible price. Don’t forget to factor in any additional discounts, promotions, or loyalty benefits offered by various retailers.

Sign up for retailer newsletters and loyalty programs

Retailers often send out exclusive Black Friday deals and promotional offers through their newsletters. Signing up for these newsletters can provide early access to deals and additional discounts. Additionally, joining loyalty programs can unlock special perks and rewards for collar purchases.

Follow social media accounts of pet supply stores

Many retailers announce Black Friday deals and promotions through their social media accounts. Follow the social media accounts of pet supply stores to stay updated on the latest offers, flash sales, or exclusive promo codes.

Set up price alerts and notifications

Set up price alerts and notifications on websites or shopping apps to receive updates when the desired collar goes on sale or is restocked. This ensures not missing out on any Black Friday deals and allows for timely purchasing decisions.

Consider purchasing in bundles or sets

Some retailers offer bundle or set deals during Black Friday. Purchasing collars in bundles can provide additional savings and allow pet owners to have a variety of collar options for different purposes.

Check for additional discounts or coupons

Before finalizing the purchase, check for any additional discounts or coupon codes available for the chosen collar. Retailers may offer extra savings during the Black Friday period, so be sure to take advantage of any available discount opportunities.

Take advantage of free shipping offers

Black Friday deals often come with free shipping options for online purchases. Taking advantage of free shipping can eliminate the extra cost associated with shipping and make online shopping even more convenient.

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Shop early to avoid stockouts

Popular collar styles or sizes may quickly sell out during Black Friday. To avoid missing out on the desired collar, shop early and be proactive in making the purchase before the stock runs out.

Read product reviews and specifications before purchasing

Before making a final decision, take the time to read product reviews and specifications to ensure that the chosen collar meets the desired criteria in terms of quality, durability, and functionality. This helps make an informed purchase decision and reduces the likelihood of any buyer’s remorse.

Precautions to take while shopping for dog collars on Black Friday

Precautions to take while shopping for dog collars on Black Friday

Ensure the collar meets safety standards

When purchasing a dog collar, it’s important to ensure that it meets safety standards. Look for collars that are tested and certified for their durability and safety features. Avoid collars that may be potentially harmful, such as those made from low-quality materials, or with sharp edges or components.

Check for proper sizing and adjustability

Proper sizing and adjustability are key to ensure a comfortable and safe fit for the dog. Double-check the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer and measure the dog’s neck circumference accurately. Ensure that the collar has sufficient adjustability to accommodate changes in the dog’s weight or growth.

Avoid collars with harmful materials or sharp edges

Collars made from harmful materials or with sharp edges can cause discomfort, irritation, or even injuries to the dog. Avoid collars made from materials known to cause allergies or skin reactions, and check for any sharp edges or protrusions that may harm the dog.

Beware of counterfeit or low-quality products

Black Friday can attract sellers offering counterfeit or low-quality products at seemingly attractive prices. Be cautious of heavily discounted collars from unknown or suspicious sellers. Stick to well-established retailers or reputable online marketplaces to ensure the purchase of genuine, high-quality collars.

Verify the reputation and reliability of the retailer

Before making a purchase, verify the reputation and reliability of the retailer. Read customer reviews, check their return policy and customer service options, and ensure they have a secure payment gateway to protect personal and financial information.

Read return and exchange policies

Black Friday purchases may not always meet expectations or may require an exchange for a different size or style. Prior to making a purchase, read and understand the retailer’s return and exchange policies. Ensure that they have a clear and reasonable process for returns or exchanges in case the collar needs to be swapped or returned.

Avoid overcrowded stores and consider online shopping

Black Friday shopping can be chaotic, with crowded stores and long lines. Consider shopping online instead to avoid the hassle and potential stress of in-store shopping. Online shopping provides convenience, accessibility, and the ability to compare multiple products and prices quickly.

Keep your dog’s preferences and needs in mind

Before purchasing a collar, consider your dog’s individual preferences and needs. Some dogs may have specific sensitivities, such as allergies or aversions to certain materials or collar types. Take your dog’s comfort and preferences into account to ensure they will be happy wearing the chosen collar.

Consult with a professional trainer or veterinarian if needed

If unsure about the most suitable collar for your dog, consult with a professional trainer or veterinarian. They can provide guidance and recommendations based on your dog’s specific needs, making sure the chosen collar is well-suited for them.

Check for warranty and after-sales service

When purchasing a dog collar, check if it comes with a warranty or after-sales service. A warranty can provide protection in case of defects or malfunctions, giving the buyer peace of mind. Additionally, having access to reliable after-sales service can be beneficial in case any issues arise after the purchase.

Promoting responsible pet ownership through Black Friday deals

Providing affordable collars for pet adoption centers

Black Friday deals can be an opportunity for retailers to collaborate with pet adoption centers and offer discounted or donated collars. This helps provide newly adopted pets with essential collars while promoting responsible pet ownership.

Discounts on microchip-compatible collars for lost pets

Microchip-compatible collars can play a vital role in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Offering discounted prices on these collars increases the likelihood of their widespread use, ultimately helping lost pets find their way back home more quickly.

Fundraising campaigns for animal welfare organizations

Black Friday can be an ideal time for retailers to launch fundraising campaigns for animal welfare organizations. For each collar purchased during the sales period, a percentage of the proceeds can be donated to support animal rescue, shelter, or healthcare initiatives.

Donating a percentage of sales to dog rescue groups

Retailers can choose to donate a percentage of their Black Friday sales to dog rescue groups. This not only helps dog rescue organizations financially but also raises awareness about the importance of adopting dogs in need of forever homes.

Educating customers about proper collar usage and fit

As part of their Black Friday initiatives, retailers can focus on educating customers about proper collar usage and fit. This can include providing guidelines on how to select the right collar size, how to measure properly, and how to ensure the collar is adjusted correctly for the dog’s comfort and safety.

Encouraging adoption of shelter dogs through promotional offers

Black Friday can be used as an opportunity to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. Retailers can collaborate with local shelters to offer promotional offers or discounts to families adopting dogs during the sales period, promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting animal welfare.

Hosting adoption events at pet supply stores

Pet supply stores can host adoption events in partnership with local shelters during Black Friday. This allows potential pet owners to meet and interact with adoptable dogs while also providing an opportunity to purchase collars and other supplies.

Collaborating with dog trainers to offer discounted training collars

Retailers can collaborate with professional dog trainers to offer discounted training collars during Black Friday. This encourages pet owners to invest in proper training and behavior correction tools, contributing to responsible pet ownership.

Supporting initiatives for dog-friendly public spaces

Retailers can contribute to initiatives promoting dog-friendly public spaces by partnering with organizations working to create safe and welcoming environments for dogs and their owners. These partnerships can help raise awareness and garner support for the cause.

Spreading awareness about responsible dog ownership

Black Friday can be leveraged as a platform to spread awareness about responsible dog ownership. Retailers can use their marketing channels to share tips, resources, and educational content that helps pet owners make informed decisions and create positive relationships with their pets.

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Benefits of purchasing dog collars during Black Friday sales

Benefits of purchasing dog collars during Black Friday sales

Significant savings on high-quality collars

Black Friday sales often bring significant savings on high-quality dog collars. These deals can offer discounts that may not be available at other times of the year, allowing pet owners to purchase higher-end collars within their budget.

Access to exclusive deals and limited-time offers

Black Friday provides access to exclusive deals and limited-time offers that are specifically tailored for pet owners looking to purchase collars. These exclusive deals often provide better discounts or additional perks not typically available outside of the Black Friday sales period.

Opportunity to upgrade to premium collar brands

Black Friday can be a great opportunity for pet owners to upgrade to premium collar brands that may have been out of their budget range. With discounted prices, pet owners can opt for the higher-end collars that offer superior quality, durability, and style.

Chance to try out new collar styles and functionalities

Black Friday allows pet owners to explore and try out new collar styles and functionalities they may not have considered previously. The discounted prices provide a low-risk opportunity to experiment with different collar options and find the most suitable one for their dog’s specific needs.

Convenient online shopping with doorstep delivery

Black Friday sales often include online shopping options, offering convenience and hassle-free shopping. Pet owners can browse through a variety of collars, compare prices, and make purchases from the comfort of their homes, with the collars delivered directly to their doorstep.

Increased variety of available options

Black Friday brings an increased variety of available collar options. Retailers often stock up on a wider range of collars during this period, including specialty collars, designer collars, and collars with unique features. Pet owners can take advantage of the increased variety to find the perfect collar for their furry friend.

Support for ethical pet supply retailers

By purchasing collars from ethical pet supply retailers during Black Friday, pet owners can support businesses committed to responsible sourcing, quality products, and ethical practices. These retailers often prioritize the well-being and safety of pets and provide better customer service.

Potential savings on future collar replacements

Stocking up on collars during Black Friday sales can result in potential savings for future collar replacements. By purchasing high-quality collars at discounted prices, pet owners can have spare collars on hand, reducing the need for immediate replacement purchases at regular prices.

Introduction to innovative collar technologies

Black Friday can introduce pet owners to innovative collar technologies that they may not have previously considered. With deals on specialized collars, such as GPS tracking collars or smart collars, pet owners can discover and experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology in pet care.

Positive impact on the local pet industry and economy

Purchasing dog collars during Black Friday sales provides a positive economic impact on the local pet industry. Supporting pet supply retailers and manufacturers during this time helps maintain jobs, stimulates the local economy, and contributes to the overall growth and development of the pet industry.


Black Friday offers a great opportunity for pet owners to find excellent deals on various types of dog collars. From flat collars to GPS tracking collars, the options are vast and cater to different needs and preferences. By considering factors such as size, purpose, material, safety features, and budget, pet owners can make informed decisions and find the perfect collar for their beloved dogs. Additionally, taking advantage of Black Friday tips, precautions, and promotions can help maximize savings, ensure responsible pet ownership, and promote a positive impact on the pet industry. So, get ready to grab those amazing Black Friday deals and provide your furry friend with the perfect collar they deserve!

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