The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

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The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

In the ongoing discourse surrounding the optimal food for hedgehogs, cat food has emerged as a popular choice. This is primarily attributed to its widespread availability and the conveniently small size of its kibble, facilitating easier consumption for hedgehogs. Adding a natural touch, Beaconpet introduces a comprehensive perspective to this discussion. Some hedgehog owners opt for cat food due to its elevated protein content and the possibility of supplementing it with additional fiber. Nonetheless, concerns persist regarding whether cat food fulfills the nuanced nutritional requirements of hedgehogs, lacking essential components. For a well-rounded approach, it is advisable to provide hedgehogs with a high-quality hedgehog food that not only addresses their dietary needs but also incorporates a diverse array of protein sources, ensuring their overall well-being.

The Pros of Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

An Effective Substitute

Feeding your hedgehog cat food can be an effective substitute for traditional hedgehog food. In the past, commercial hedgehog food was not always readily available and was often not as nutritious as desired. However, cat food is widely accessible and contains the necessary protein that hedgehogs need in their diet. The small kibble size of cat food also makes it easier for hedgehogs to consume. Many hedgehog owners choose to feed their pets cat food because it is convenient and easily accessible.

Nutritional Requirements

Hedgehogs are omnivores, meaning they require a balanced diet that includes a mixture of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and water. In the wild, hedgehogs are opportunistic feeders and will consume a variety of foods that are available to them. Therefore, it is essential to provide a varied diet for hedgehogs in captivity. The cat food you choose should have a protein content of over 20 percent, fat between five and 15 percent, and a significant amount of fiber. It is also important to offer a variety of protein sources, with insects and poultry being the easiest for hedgehogs to digest.

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The Best Option

If you choose to feed your hedgehog cat food, it is crucial to select a high-quality brand that meets their nutritional needs. Look for cat food with a protein content of at least 20 percent and a fiber content in the double digits. It is also beneficial to choose a cat food that includes L-carnitine as an ingredient for heart health. Some recommended brands for hedgehogs include Exotic Nutrition’s Hedgehog Complete Food and Mazuri Hedgehog Diet. Alongside cat food, you should also offer live insects, cooked chicken, vegetables, and fruits to provide a well-rounded diet for your hedgehog. It is essential to avoid feeding them seeds, raisins, and dried fruits and vegetables, as these can get stuck in their mouths.

The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

The Cons of Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

Lack of Essential Nutrients

One major drawback of feeding your hedgehog cat food is the potential lack of essential nutrients. Although cat food can provide protein and some necessary nutrients, it may not meet all of a hedgehog’s specific dietary requirements. Hedgehogs require chitin, which is found in insect protein, to maintain their health. Cat food typically does not contain this essential nutrient, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies over time.

Potential Health Issues

Feeding your hedgehog cat food can also result in potential health issues. Due to the lack of chitin in cat food, hedgehogs may not be able to maintain their tiny teeth properly. Hedgehogs need hard foods to chew on to keep their teeth in good condition. Additionally, hedgehogs may experience digestive issues if they are not receiving the appropriate balance of nutrients in their diet. It is essential to monitor your hedgehog’s health closely if you choose to feed them cat food, and consult with a veterinarian if you notice any concerning symptoms.

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Difficulties in Finding the Right Cat Food

Another disadvantage of feeding your hedgehog cat food is the difficulty in finding the right brand that meets their nutritional needs. Hedgehog owners may need to do extensive research and visit multiple stores to find a cat food that is suitable for their pets. Not all pet stores carry hedgehog-specific food, especially smaller stores that cater to a different clientele. This can make it challenging to provide a well-balanced diet for your hedgehog if you are relying solely on cat food.

The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cat Food for Hedgehogs

Protein Content

When selecting cat food for your hedgehog, it is essential to consider the protein content. Hedgehogs require a significant amount of protein in their diet, with a minimum of 20 percent being recommended. Look for high-quality cat foods that contain animal-based protein sources like poultry or fish.

Fiber Content

Fiber is another crucial factor to consider when choosing cat food for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs need a good amount of fiber in their diet to support proper digestion. Look for cat foods that have a fiber content in the double digits to ensure your hedgehog’s digestive system stays healthy.

Ingredients to Avoid

Certain ingredients should be avoided when selecting cat food for hedgehogs. Avoid cat foods that contain excessive amounts of grains, fillers, and artificial additives. These ingredients provide little nutritional value and can lead to digestive issues for hedgehogs.


If you choose to feed your hedgehog cat food, it is recommended to supplement their diet with additional fiber sources. Benefiber or baby oatmeal can be added to their food to ensure they are getting enough fiber. Consulting with a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals can provide valuable guidance on proper supplementation for hedgehogs.

Tips for Feeding Your Hedgehog Cat Food

Gradual Transition

When transitioning your hedgehog to a cat food diet, it is essential to do so gradually. Sudden changes in diet can lead to digestive upset. Start by mixing a small amount of cat food with their regular food, gradually increasing the portion of cat food over several weeks. Monitor your hedgehog’s reaction to the new diet and adjust accordingly.

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Monitoring Weight and Health

It is crucial to closely monitor your hedgehog’s weight and overall health when feeding them cat food. Regularly weigh your hedgehog to ensure they are maintaining a healthy weight. Monitor their energy levels, coat condition, and stool quality to identify any potential health issues early on.

Offering Variety in Diet

To ensure your hedgehog receives a well-rounded diet, it is important to offer variety in their food. Alongside cat food, provide live insects, cooked chicken, vegetables, and fruits. This variety will help ensure that your hedgehog receives all the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

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Alternatives to Cat Food for Hedgehogs

Commercial Hedgehog Food

One alternative to feeding your hedgehog cat food is to use specialized hedgehog food. Commercial hedgehog food is formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of hedgehogs. These foods typically contain the necessary protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients that hedgehogs require. Look for reputable brands that prioritize the health and well-being of hedgehogs.

Homemade Hedgehog Diets

Another alternative to cat food is feeding your hedgehog a homemade diet. This option requires careful research and consultation with a veterinarian to ensure the diet is balanced and meets the nutritional requirements of hedgehogs. A homemade diet may include a combination of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and other appropriate foods for hedgehogs.

Expert Recommendations and Opinions


Veterinarians who specialize in exotic animals can provide valuable recommendations and opinions on feeding hedgehogs cat food. They can assess the specific needs of your hedgehog and help you determine the best diet for their health and well-being. Consulting with a veterinarian is highly recommended to ensure that your hedgehog’s nutritional needs are met.

Breeders and Experienced Hedgehog Owners

Breeders and experienced hedgehog owners can provide insights based on their own experiences. They can share their practices and opinions on feeding hedgehogs cat food. It is important to gather information from multiple sources to make an informed decision about your hedgehog’s diet.

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Feeding your hedgehog cat food can be a convenient option, especially when specialized hedgehog food is not readily available. However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks and challenges associated with feeding cat food to hedgehogs. Cat food may lack essential nutrients, potentially leading to nutritional deficiencies and health issues. Finding the right cat food that meets the nutritional requirements of hedgehogs can also be challenging. Considering alternatives such as specialized hedgehog food or homemade diets may be worth exploring. Consultation with veterinarians, breeders, and experienced hedgehog owners can provide valuable guidance and recommendations. Ultimately, the well-being and health of your hedgehog should be the top priority when deciding on their diet.

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