What Kind of Cat Breed Is Lucifer From Cinderella?

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What Kind of Cat Breed Is Lucifer From Cinderella?

Have you ever wondered what kind of cat Lucifer in Cinderella is? In the cartoon, his breed is never stated, making it a mystery. However, in the live-action version, Lucifer is portrayed by a gray Persian. These cats are known for their laziness and loving nature. Although the animated version and the live-action version may differ in appearance, they share the same name. In this article, BEACOBPET will explore the unknown breed of Pom Pom, another cat in the movie Cinderella. Ultimately, the official breed of both Lucifer and Pom Pom remains a mystery, leaving us to speculate based on their appearance.

What Kind of Cat Breed Is Lucifer From Cinderella?

What Kind of Cat Breed Is Lucifer From Cinderella?

Lucifer, the mischievous cat from the animated movie Cinderella, has piqued the curiosity of cat lovers everywhere. While his appearance may be familiar, his breed remains a mystery. In the animated film, Lucifer is portrayed as a mixed-breed cat with no specified origin. His unique characteristics, however, make him memorable to viewers.

Animated Lucifer’s Appearance

Lucifer is depicted as a sleek and slender cat in the animated movie Cinderella. He has a predominantly white coat with patches of gray. His green eyes are piercing and are often narrowed with a mischievous glint. Lucifer’s overall appearance conveys a sense of cunning and trouble-making, making him the perfect feline antagonist for the film.

No Specified Breed

Despite his memorable appearance, the specific breed of cat that inspired Lucifer remains unknown. The animators took creative liberties in designing Lucifer, combining various feline characteristics to create his unique look. This lack of a defined breed contributes to the notion that Lucifer is a mixed-breed cat, solidifying his role as a mischievous and unpredictable character.

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Mixed-Breed Cat

While Lucifer may be a mixed-breed cat, his appearance embodies several recognizable feline traits. His slender build, angular face, and sleek coat are reminiscent of breeds such as the Siamese or the Russian Blue. However, without a clear reference to a specific breed, it is safe to say that Lucifer’s distinctive look is a result of artistic imagination rather than a representation of a particular cat breed.

Liberties Taken in Live-Action Version

In the live-action version of Cinderella released in 2015, there were some changes made to Lucifer’s appearance. In this adaptation, Lucifer is portrayed by a gray Persian cat. Persians are known for their luxurious long coats, round faces, and expressive eyes. While this deviation from the animated version may disappoint some fans, it adds a new dimension to Lucifer’s character and showcases the versatility of cat breeds.

Lucifer’s Appearance in the Live-Action Cinderella

Lucifer's Appearance in the Live-Action Cinderella

In the live-action version of Cinderella, Lucifer’s character underwent a transformation in both appearance and breed. Unlike the animated version, where he is portrayed as a mixed-breed cat, the live-action Lucifer is played by a gray Persian cat.

Gray Persian Cat

The choice to feature a gray Persian cat in the live-action film adds a touch of elegance and luxury to Lucifer’s character. Persians are known for their distinctive appearance, characterized by their long, silky coats, round heads, and prominent eyes. Their sweet and affectionate nature also makes them popular lap cats.

Characteristics of a Gray Persian

Gray Persians possess a calm and gentle demeanor, which contrasts with Lucifer’s mischievous behavior. They are known for being independent but enjoy socializing and being near their human companions. Their luxurious coats require regular grooming to prevent matting and keep them looking their best. While Lucifer may not embody all the traits commonly associated with Persians, the choice to cast a gray Persian adds an air of sophistication and opulence to his character.

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Differences from the Animated Cat

The decision to cast a Persian cat in the live-action Cinderella resulted in notable differences between the animated and live-action versions of Lucifer. While the animated Lucifer had a mixed appearance and exuded a sense of mischief, the live-action Lucifer, portrayed by a gray Persian, embodies elegance and luxury. These differences highlight how filmmakers can use different breeds to bring a character to life and showcase their unique traits.

Origin of Lucifer’s Name

Origin of Lucifer's Name

The name Lucifer carries a sense of darkness and intrigue, perfectly suiting the mischievous nature of Cinderella’s cat companion. However, the inspiration behind the name remains unknown.

Meaning behind the Name Lucifer

In mythology and literature, Lucifer is often associated with the devil or the fallen angel. The name evokes a sense of rebellion and cunning, which aligns with Lucifer’s character in the film. Although the specific reason for choosing this name is undisclosed, it undoubtedly adds depth to the portrayal of the cat and contributes to the overall narrative of Cinderella.

Inspiration from Animator’s Own Cat, Feetsy

Interestingly, the original animator of Lucifer was inspired by his own cat, named Feetsy. Feetsy, like Lucifer, had six toes, making her unique and intriguing. The animator, in search of a suitably wicked cat, decided to base Lucifer’s appearance on Feetsy. Feetsy’s breed, unfortunately, remains unknown, adding to the mystery surrounding the origins of Lucifer’s appearance.

Feetsy’s Breed Unknown

Feetsy’s breed remains a mystery, just like the breed of Lucifer in the animated film. While it would be fascinating to know the specific breed that inspired the character, it is clear that artistic interpretation played a significant role in bringing Lucifer to life.

What Kind of Cat is Pom Pom in Cinderella?

Pom Pom, another feline character in the Cinderella films, also captures the attention of cat enthusiasts. Although a minor character, Pom Pom’s appearance has sparked speculation about her breed.

Pom Pom as a Minor Character

Pom Pom makes appearances in Cinderella II and Cinderella III as a minor character. Despite her limited screen time, her plump and endearing appearance has made her a favorite among viewers.

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Unknown Breed

Similar to Lucifer, Pom Pom’s specific breed is unknown. The film does not provide any information regarding her breed, leaving viewers to speculate based on her physical characteristics. The lack of an official breed for Pom Pom adds to her charm and makes her relatable to various cat lovers.

Speculation about Breed: Persian or Angora

When observing Pom Pom’s appearance, some viewers believe that she may be a Persian due to her round face, expressive eyes, and fluffy coat. Persians are notorious for their luxurious and voluminous fur, making them a popular choice for cat lovers seeking a glamorous companion. Others speculate that she may be an Angora cat, known for their long, silky coats and elegant appearance. Ultimately, the official breed of Pom Pom remains a mystery, adding to her allure as a minor but beloved character.

No Official Breed for Lucifer or Pom Pom

No Official Breed for Lucifer or Pom Pom

While avid cat lovers may be curious to pinpoint the official breeds of Lucifer and Pom Pom, the reality is that no specific breed has been officially specified for either character.

Unknown Breeds

Lucifer and Pom Pom are both cats of unknown breeds, despite having distinctive appearances. The lack of a defined breed adds to their charm and makes their characters relatable to a wide range of cat owners.

Similarities in Art Style

Although Lucifer and Pom Pom do not share an official breed, their appearances in the animated movies exhibit similarities in art style. This is likely due to the fact that both characters were created by the same animator, who contributed to their unique and captivating designs.

Live-Action Lucifer Clarifies Breed

In the live-action adaptation of Cinderella, Lucifer’s breed is clarified by casting a gray Persian. This choice provides audiences with a definitive breed for Lucifer and showcases the versatility of cat breeds in bringing characters to life.

Pom Pom Breed Still Unknown

Despite the live-action adaptation, Pom Pom’s breed remains unknown. As she does not appear in the live-action Cinderella films, viewers are left to use their imagination and interpret her breed based on her physical attributes.


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In conclusion, the animated movie Cinderella presents feline characters that captivate viewers with their distinct appearances. While the official breeds of Lucifer and Pom Pom are unknown, their unique traits and charm make them memorable characters in the Disney universe. Whether it’s Lucifer’s mischievous demeanor or Pom Pom’s plump and endearing presence, these feline companions continue to enchant audiences, regardless of their undisclosed breeds.

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